GRR Whippet Health Clinic

SEPTEMBER 10-11, 2022


CARDIAC ECHOES by Dr. Dan Hall VMD, DACVIM of South Carolina Vet Services in Columbia, SC will be here again this year.
We need 24 dogs each day to get the discount of $275. In addition to his discounted price the Whippet Health Foundation has generously offered again this year to donate $50 for each Whippet Echo performed. That makes all Whippet ECHOES $225 EACH!!!!
Other breeds are welcome for $275

Microchipping - $30 (pre-registered w/ AKC Reunite) 


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- Remember your dog(s) need CWA numbers and DNA in order to run at our race meets. DNA takes up to 6 weeks to come back.
- Click here to REGISTER YOUR DOG w/ CWA (must have DNA in hand before applying). Go to the CWA page to order discounted AKC DNA kit

- CWA also has a list of all CWA meets across the U.S. as well as, results, Current Top 10 running and conformation, and your dogs current grade...follow this link to the CWA home page -
The Contential Whippet Alliance


CWA has an on-line publication called LINE & LURE. Lots of articles, race results and Ads! BTW they are very inexpensive ads!


Box Practice Dates

Practice: TBA
Location: One Day Farms, Hull, GA
Time: 8 am - till

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Please email us if you plan to attend - Contact